Giant Matrix Anti Tracks


Keep your computer data from being tracked


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Giant Matrix Anti Tracks is an application that keeps your data from being tracked while you're online. It permanently erases your browsing data, including your history, cookies, cache, and saved passwords.

Usually, this information is saved on your computer so you can access websites more quickly or restore information you've accidentally erased. The downside is, it can be traced and can slow down your computer.

This program has a simple interface that includes many well-organized features. It helps you delete information from Windows, your browser, and your email server to keep third parties from being able to access your private information.

Giant Matrix Anti Tracks' tools focus on keeping your browsing secure and protecting your privacy. They can delete files, hide data and folders, save passwords, and erase any traces left behind by applications.

In addition to the privacy tools, Giant Matrix Anti Tracks also helps your computer's performance by deleting unnecessary applications and files from your hard drive.

15-day trial version.

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